Arcadia Ales™

Welcome to the Tour. Remember this is no substitute for the real thing. Please come and join us in person.

*Our handmade Arcadia sign is reminiscent of an English pub.

*Arcadia’s restaurant and tavern operation is anchored by our wood fired Valoriani oven from Naples Italy.

*All of the food prepared by us is cooked in our single oven at cooking temperatures between 675 and 775 degrees F. Your pizza, sandwich or entrée has all of the flavors "seared in".

*Arcadia’s 100 ft "label bar" is an attraction in itself.

*The flag of England celebrates our English brewing heritage.

*The finest beer we make is our "real ale" pulled from English beer engines. There are always two varieties of cask ale available.

*Arcadia Brewing Company has Michigan’s only dedicated cellar for cask conditioned ales.

*Arcadia ales have been recognized worldwide, and have been awarded gold, silver and bronze medals in the 1998 World Beer Championships.

*The flags hanging in our packaging area are a symbol of our British and Irish brewing ancestry.

*We source all of our grain from premium maltsters in England. The brewing process begins with the mill where we grind two row malted barley that will be combined with water in the mash tun.

*Arcadia utilizes a Peter Austin brick kettle brewing system. Our 25 bbl mash tun functions as the vessel where our malted barley from England is combined with our filtered and treated water. The sweet liquid that develops as a result of this mash is known as wort (pronounced wert).

*The "Hot Liquor Back" is the vessel where all of Arcadia’s brewing water is treated. All of  the water used for our brewing operations is filtered through activated charcoal filters and a precipitated iron filter.