Arcadia Ales™

Arcadia is Open

Monday - Thursday..............11 am - 10 pm

Friday ..................................11 am - Midnight

Saturday................................Noon - Midnight

We are closed Sunday.

A word about Arcadia's famous Wood-Fired Cuisine.

All of our menu items are prepared fresh daily using our Valoriani wood-fired oven imported from Naples, Italy. You can see our pride and joy over in the corner of the Tavern. And heat is what makes this baby so special. Our oven regularly cooks at temperatures above 600 degrees F, sealing in all of the flavors with every item. Ahh...., the Oven; where all your delicious food is prepared. We don't have a hidden pizza production line! So sit back and relax with your Arcadia Ale while we take a little extra time to provide you with a lot of extra flavor.   



Ales From The Bar

IMPERIAL  1/2 PINTS (10 OZ)                                                                $1.75

IMPERIAL PINTS (20 OZ)                                                        $3.25


Real Ale (Cask Conditioned Ale)

Our Peter Austin Brick Kettle Brewing System from England and the legendary Ringwood yeast is the perfect combination for producing the very best beer we can make here in Arcadia. Our cask conditioned ales are unfiltered, naturally carbonated and dry-hopped. The beer is racked directly from our open fermenters into traditional English firkins(casks), and the whole flower hops are added in a weighted muslin bag to extract a robust flavor and aroma. The vessel is then sealed and the suspended yeast ferment the residual sugars to produce an enjoyable low level of natural carbonation. The casks are then placed into stillage in our cask cellar to allow the yeast to sediment to the bottom and the beer to clarify or "drop bright and clear", after which  the cask is vented and then tapped to be served from our two traditional beer engines. Our "Handpulled" beer is a treat for any beer lover.

Please ask your server for our two Cask Ales of the day. 


ARCADIA Hand Crafted Root Beer 10 OZ $1.50 - 20 OZ $2.25

Assorted Flavors of  Jones Sodas                    $1.50

Sobe Essentials            $2.25

Coca Cola, Caffeine-free Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Sprite, Mello Yellow, Minute Maid Orange, Pink Lemonade and Nestea Iced Tea  $1 .25

Hot Coffee, Tazo, Tea or Cocoa      $1.00

Nantucket Nectars, Wood-Pressed Apple & Orange Juice $1.75